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How many Orochi does it take to change a lightbulb?



So, I decided to phone them up and ask them.

This is what happened

(Everyone click the link and listen.)


I’m going to trust you to keep a secret. If you do not keep this secret, you will, in short order, be exiled from the Illuminati, lose everything you hold dear, find yourself convicted of murder, and locked up for life… and then I’ll really come after you. This, by the way, should in no way be construed as a threat.


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I’m very proud to present the first pages of Zero Point, a tsw fancomic made collaboratively by The Art Mafia!

Characters & Art belong to myself, sabubu91, colatechi, beltaguise, feelingwhimsy, dendenmushii, and sounri! Sketches and paneling courtesy of Belta, Lines courtesy of Sabu, Backgrounds were me, and most of the shading was Cola.

The Secret World (C) Funcom

An art thing was done by me and a bunch of others, check it out!


Wabanaki Trailer Park, Blue Mountain

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Filth Blood Samples


imageCondition 12 came from the sea. The blood appears infected.

imageSubject 3 was injected with the Filth. The blood is infected.

imageH. Bannerman was not physically exposed, but she appears infected.

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Look at all the whiz-bang Illuminati need to do what Dragons do naturally.

Unlike you we just don’t want to leave a margin for error <3

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Innsmouth Academy basement, Savage Coast

The Secret World || Location: BROOKLYN, Illuminati Headquarters

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Playing with sound effects software, a reading of the “The Buzzing” lore sheet from The Secret World